Norwalk Christian Church

Norwalk Christian Church
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Norwalk Christian ChurchThe Norwalk Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has been part of the Norwalk community since 1869 and affiliated with the denomination The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The symbol of this denomination is a red chalice bearing the “X-shaped” cross of St. Andrew. The chalice symbolizes the centrality of the Lord’s supper to Disciples’ lives. St. Andrew has been identified with the laity and evangelism, prominent emphases of Disciples in the past, present and future. The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) does not have a formal statement of beliefs. We study the Bible to deepen our connection to God through Jesus Christ, and to discover how God wants us to live with and love one another. We recognize that the bible was written in a time and place very different from our own. In our studies we recognize the multiple layers of meaning a text may present enriching our understanding.

Communion is celebrated weekly in Disciples congregations. We may not believe the same things or express our faith the same way, yet we gather at the table each Sunday as a symbol of the love that binds us together. Everyone is welcome to share in communion.

People are welcomed into membership by coming forward during worship and making a public confession of faith. The pastor extends the “right hand of Christian fellowship” and asks the question, “Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God and do YOU proclaim him Savior and Lord?”

The Disciples practice “believers baptism,” meaning we baptize by immersion those who are of an age to commit to a life of Christian discipleship. Following one’s confession of faith, one may be baptized. If a person has already been baptized in another church or tradition it is recognized as valid and there is no need for re-baptism.

Sunday Worship Schedule

Informal Service at 8:30am
This “come as you are” service is relaxed and uplifting. Those who worship gather to a piano prelude and open with a sung call to worship. The congregation selects hymns from our hymnal and praise book. Participants come forward to give their offering and receive communion. A closing circle concludes the worship service.

Traditional Service at 10:30am
This service is considered “traditional” because it follows a traditional order of worship and contains elements such as a responsive call to worship, traditional hymns, and a sung Doxology. The children come forward for a children’s message and a choir anthem or special music is part of worship. Offering trays are passed, as is Communion, by our Diaconate.

You will see a mixture of attire at both worship services. Most important is your presence. What you wear is up to you.

Fellowship Coffee
The coffeepot is on and refreshments are served following every worship service. Everyone is encouraged to share in fellowship with one another after each service.

Child Care
Child care is available during both worship services and Sunday School for ages 5 and under.

Travis Stanley and Marti Stanley

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Norwalk Christian Church

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